Wind Tunnel tests at CSTB-Nantes

A 2D airfoil aerodynamic profile corresponding to the full scale blade section at 82% of the wind turbine rotor has been manufactured and installed in the CSTB Jule Vernes wind tunnel facility. Tests were performed in October 2020 to evaluate the ability of innovative aerodynamic sensor developped by Meragitée to detect the flow separation.

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First scanning LIDAR campaign

In the framework of ANR MOMENTA project, a first scanning LIDAR campaign has been performed in May and June 2021 to document the turbulence in the wind turbine wake.

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First UAS measurement campaign

In the ANR MOMENTA project, an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is equipped to measure the three wind components along the flight path with a high spatial resolution. A series of three field campaigns is planned during the project, each campaign consisting of a period of 5 consecutive days at the Saint-Hilaire de Chaléons site. A […]